John K.

He works on the rentals I have and am very happy with the work that he does.

Brandon W.

Upscale Construction, LLC did a partial home update and remodel. The contractor did a good job overall. I was genuinely happy with the work completed and the personnel.

Jay J.

Upscale Construction, LLC helped do the repair work after a waterline broke at our Church building. After the water remediation was done Upscale re-did the drywall and painting. The workers and the general contractor were very prompt and on time. He and his crew would be on site all day until the job was completed. I was very impressed that the general contractor stayed on site to ensure that the job was going smoothly. I would certainly refer this company.

Robin G.

Upscale Construction, LLC renovating the home. The contractor helped with several aspects of the job including updating fixtures, installing insulation and re-doing the finishes. He was very easy to work with and if he didn't have the immediate answer to a problem, he will do the research and find the appropriate course of action. I give the company FIVE STARS across the board.


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